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Camping in Auvergne


Auvergne, located in the heart of France, is a wonderful region fit for perfect outdoor holidays and is characterized by green valleys, crystal clear lakes and volcanoes. If you dream of beautiful natural landscapes providing the backdrop to your next camping holiday, then look no further than awesome Auvergne.

Our selection of campsites in Auvergne feature swimming pools, recreational facilities, dining and shopping options and make the ideal base for amazing al fresco adventures with the whole family.

Camping Holidays In Auvergne

While camping in Auvergne it would be a sin not to get out and explore this stunning and peaceful region of France. Make one of our top campsites your base while spending an unforgettable escape with equals measures of active endeavours and relaxation.

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la Ribeyre

Auvergne | Murol
7/10 (7 Reviews)
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In the heart of the AuvergneRelaxing site with private lakeFabulous water parkPerfect for a family h...
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What To Expect From Our Campsites In Auvergne

When you arrive at one of our amazing Auvergne campsites, you’ll notice the air is fresh and the ambiance is peaceful. Enjoy a warm welcome from the resort staff who will ensure you have a smooth check in and can help you with any questions you may have.

Once you’re checked in, you can head to your accommodation and get yourself settled into your home away from home. You’ll discover comfortable and spacious living areas that feature a selection of useful amenities. The accommodation will occupy private and peaceful emplacements that blend in naturally with the surroundings of the campsites.

Once you’ve unloaded your luggage, you should head into the heart of the site and discover the wonderful facilities at your disposal. With some of our resorts featuring fantastic swimming pools, inviting eating establishments and good options for shopping, you’ll have access to everything you need for the duration of you stay.

Things to do when camping in Auvergne

Camping holidays in Auvergne give you the opportunity to freely enjoy your passions, to cut any interaction with the outside world and embrace the outdoors! Whether you like to take part in high-energy activities or slow-paced relaxing pursuits, this lovely region of France offers you the perfect playground to explore.

In Auvergne, outdoor activities are easy to find. Ride, walk, swim, jump, fly, dive, gallop, fish ... nature belongs to you, it's up to you to enjoy it. At the heart of the Cantal mountains, in the white waters of the Allier gorges or above the volcanoes of the Puy de Dôme, between canyoning, hiking, mountain biking and paragliding, the options are endless!

Visit the stunning Puy de Sancy, a now inactive volcano that provides views of the surrounding area when you reach the top via cable car. Another volcano offering amazing panoramas is the Puy de Dome, and the apex can be reached on foot or by the extremely fun panoramic train that wraps itself around the mountain. Sticking with the volcano theme, why not entertain and educate the kids with a visit to Vulcania, an aptly named amusement park that serves seismic amounts of fun!

Great generosity, top-notch hospitality and delicious cuisine can be found on the plates of the best restaurants in nearby towns. In Saint Floret, Montpeyroux, Murol, Ruynes, Margeride or Salers, taste the flavours of an authentic gastronomic experience.

So what are you waiting for? Book your next trip to Auvergne with us today!