General Questions

What kind of holidays do you offer?

Canvas Holidays offers self-catering holidays in nine European countries. Our accommodation includes a range of mobile homes, tents, lodges and pitches.

Are there any discounts or special offers?

Keep an eye on our special offers page , as our promotions change throughout the year.

Where can I go on holiday with Canvas?

We have hundreds of specially-selected campsites from small to large, in nine European countries - France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia and Portugal.

Where can I find out more about the campsites?

Each campsite has its own web page with all the details about the site itself and the surrounding area. Please check the campsite information carefully, especially if there is a facility or activity which is important to your holiday. You can also call our expert sales team on 01 242 1901 for further information.

Are all the sites basically the same?

Not at all. We offer a huge variety of campsites – from busy family sites with loads to do, to quieter sites for families with younger children or older couples.

We offer high quality accommodation and service wherever you go, but there may be some local rules and regulations you may need to know about. For example, some sites don’t allow you to park a second car at your emplacement, or to bring your dog. Don’t worry though; these are all clearly outlined on the campsite pages. You can also visit our holiday ideas page, to tailor a holiday which is just right for you.

Is the water safe to drink?

All water in Europe is safe to drink but the taste may not be what you are used to. Most sites in Spain use desalinated water which can still taste salty. Drinking water is available from special drinking taps around the site.

Bottled water is not usually expensive if bought in 10 litre containers or multipacks. It can be purchased in supermarkets.

Off-peak holidays

Holiday prices are much lower outside the peak period. The weather can be just as good, the beaches less crowded and sites which are buzzing in high summer can be perfect for a quiet holiday in May, June or September.

During the off-peak season there are usually fewer activities and entertainments and site owners may not open all facilities. Swimming pools usually open early in the season, but this is at the site owner’s discretion.

Booking Terms & Conditions

Where can I find your booking terms and conditions?

Click here to see our terms & conditions

Contact Us

How can I contact you?

Our current contact information can be found here. If you have already booked, quoting your booking reference number will allow us to help you as quickly as possible.


Booking Your Holiday

How do I book my holiday?

Booking your Canvas Holiday is simple. You can do it online or by calling our customer experts on 01 242 1901. You can also book your ferry crossings with us on our website or we can help you over the phone.

When will my booking be confirmed?

You should receive your confirmation invoice automatically after paying your deposit. As well as a confirmation email you will be given your booking reference number.

When will I get my tickets?

Tickets will be sent via email 12 weeks prior to departure. The tickets are called your "holiday voucher". This voucher will include your ferry details, if you have included an option to book your ferry with us.

What information do I need to make a booking?

When you book your holiday, please have the following information to hand:

  • Party details – The names and dates of birth of everyone in your party. We would also need the address, email address and a contact telephone number for the lead passenger.
  • Campsite – your chosen campsite or campsites and the dates you wish to travel.
  • Extras – if you want to book linen, towel hire, cots and high chairs and breakage waiver. Please note these services may not be available on all campsites.
  • Ferry details (if required) - the route and preferred times, as well as your vehicle registration, make and model.
  • Vehicle details – the height of your vehicle (if over 1.5m) and whether you are taking bicycles or a roof box.
  • Own arrangements – please let us know if there are any nights when you are making your own arrangements.
  • Disabled travellers access – please ask about campsite accessibility.
  • Special requests - please let us know if you have any requests you would like to add to your booking. Please note that although our team will always do their best, it is not possible to guarantee that all special requests can be fulfilled.

Can I change the name of a passenger?

Yes, we can change passenger names on your booking. There is sometimes an amendment fee. Please see our terms and conditions for further details. To make a change, please call our contact centre on 01 242 1901.


Do I need to pay a deposit?

To confirm your holiday booking, we need to take a deposit of £99. We can also arrange for the balance of the booking to be taken automatically from your card on the due date. If you are booking within 10 weeks of your travel date, you will need to pay the full balance.

When is the balance of my holiday due?

Your balance is due 10 weeks prior to your arrival on site. You can find the exact date your balance is due on your booking confirmation, or in your online account.

What is the Breakage Waiver?

Our non-refundable Breakage Waiver is €20 and covers you for accidental damage and loss of equipment in your Canvas accommodation. Even if an accident results in serious damage there is no extra to pay. The Waiver does not cover anything you take outside the campsite, for example kitchen items used for off-site picnics.

If you do not want to pay the Breakage Waiver, you would have to pay a refundable deposit upon arrival at your chosen site. These deposits vary in cost depending upon the site and accommodation you are staying in. You can find the deposit price on the specific campsite page, or on your Booking Confirmation document. Please note, the Breakage Waiver is not available on all sites.

Group Bookings

How do I make a group booking?

Please give us a call if you are booking as a group so we can discuss your individual requirements. We cannot accept bookings from single sex groups or groups of young people under 25. Group bookings are not accepted at Camping Park Playa Bara (Tarragona) and Playa Montroig. Group bookings over 3 accommodations would have to be checked with the campsite.


General Travel

Can I make my own travel arrangements?

You are welcome to book your own travel arrangements.

What preparations do I need to make before I travel?

If you are driving to your campsite, it is strongly recommended that your car is fully serviced ten days before departure so that any problems can be identified and rectified before you leave. You should also let your insurance company know you are planning to take your car abroad to ensure you are covered. Some insurance companies may make an additional charge for this.

Before you set off, check the tread and pressure of all tyres including the spare. As your car is likely to be fully loaded, ensure that the tyres are inflated to the pressures recommended in your car handbook.

What travel documents do I need?

British and Irish citizens are required to have a full (10 year) passport to travel abroad. Application forms are available from the Passport Office, the post office or from the Garda (in Ireland). If you are applying for a passport for the first time, you should do this at least six weeks before your holiday.

If you are not a British or Irish citizen please check the passport and visa regulations for the countries you want to visit or travel through. Holders of non-EEC passports require a visa to visit France – this can take six weeks to obtain from the French Consulate. Please don’t forget to bring your driving licence.

You will also be required to present your holiday voucher at the campsite. The voucher will be sent via email 6 weeks prior to departure, and can either be printed and shown, or alternatively you can show this via your mobile phone or tablet.

What advice is there regarding health cards?

We advise that holidaymakers obtain an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), which allows you access to healthcare services in the EU and Switzerland at a reduced cost.

Along with securing travel insurance before travelling, we recommend that holidaymakers obtain an European Health Insurance Card by applying online at www.ehic.ie.

Travel advisories

The Department of Foreign Affairs produces up to date travel information to help Irish travellers make informed decisions about travelling abroad. For further information please visit www.dfa.ie.

Taking Your Car Abroad

Can we take a second car?

On some sites you may have to leave it in a car park, especially in high season. Please check the details for your chosen campsite, or with your sales advisor if booking via telephone.

Can I charge my vehicle on site?

Some sites have Electric Vehicle chargers on site. These can be used at a charge, and will be featured in the facilities in the campsite page if they are available.

Do I need to buy headlight adaptors?

You will need to buy a headlight beam adaptor kit from a car accessory shop. You stick the adaptors over part of the headlights which prevents your beam from dazzling other drivers when you drive on the right. These are compulsory in France, Italy, Croatia, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Remember to only attach these once you are on the continent if part of your journey is overnight in the UK!

Dipped headlights must be used all day in Switzerland. In Italy, dipped headlights must be used when driving on motorways or dual carriageways

Do I need to take spare bulbs for my car?

If you are driving in Spain, it is compulsory to carry a spare set of front, rear and indicator bulbs for your car.

What do I need in case I breakdown?

It is compulsory to carry a warning triangle if you are driving in Europe in case of a breakdown or accident. It should be placed 30 metres from the car to warn oncoming traffic. In Spain, you also need to put a warning triangle in front of the car.

It is also compulsory to carry high visibility jackets in France (one per passenger), Germany, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Italy and Croatia. These should be accessible in your car at all times and must be worn if leaving the vehicle on the carriageway of a motorway or non-urban highway at anytime, day or night.

Do I need to carry a breathalyzer kit in France?

No, the laws on carrying a breathalyser kit in France were changed in 2020, meaning this is no longer a requirement.

What are the rules on using mobile phones while driving?

As in the UK, it is against the law to use hand held mobile phones whilst driving across Europe. If you are caught you are liable to a heavy on-the-spot fine.

What are French clean air certificates?

From the 1st April 2017 a windscreen sticker is required to drive in Paris, Grenoble and Lyon to reduce levels of pollution. There are six stickers of different colours that identify the levels of emissions produced by your car. You can be refused entry depending on the certification of your car on days where the cities are reaching high levels of emissions. The sticker costs €4.80 for vehicles registered outside of France, but within the EU.

The clean air certificates apply to all cars, motorbikes and lorries. You can be fined upwards of £60 for not complying. Get your certificate here .

How can I plan my driving route to the campsite?

We advise you plan your route with an online route planner before you set out. On each individual campsite page you will find the GPS coordinates for the campsite, as well as the full campsite address.

I've changed my car registration since I booked my holiday. Do you need the revised details?

Yes, we need to pass your new details to the campsite.


Can you book flights for me?

We can’t book your flights, but we’re happy to give advice on the best routes to choose - call us on 01 242 1901 for advice. Each campsite page will have information regarding the closest airport to the campsite, as well as the distance.

Can transfers from the airport be organised in advance?

We don’t organise transfers from the airport to the campsite however you can book these through our partner. Visit our airport transfers page for more information.



I'm not sure I want to stay in a tent. Do you offer different types of accommodation?

Our Bungalow Tents are the most economical option and the closest to ‘traditional camping’. We also have glamping options, such as the Safari Tent for an even more comfortable camping experience.

We offer a range of mobile homes to suit all party sizes and budgets, plus apartments and bungalows.

Find out more on our accommodation page .

What does ‘fully-equipped accommodation’ mean?

All our accommodation is self-catering, so your kitchen will have essential utensils and crockery for cooking. We don’t supply cleaning products (e.g. cloths, detergents or tea towels), or store cupboard basics such as salt and oil.

Our accommodation comes with pillows and blankets but linen is not included. Linen is available to hire on selected campsites , along with bath mats and shower towels. (Please order these when you book as we do not store spare packs on site.) Please note linen is not available to hire on every campsite. In some cases, you will have to bring your own linen or contact the campsite directly to add this service.

What is provided in tent accommodation?

Our Bungalow Tent is equipped with a grill, fridge with ice box and all essential utensils and crockery. There is a living area with curtains at the windows and electric lighting throughout. Outside furniture and a barbecue is provided on selected campsites so that you can make the most of the long summer evenings with al fresco dining.

Our Safari Tents have 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. The charming interior creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere to quickly make your tent feel like home.

We also sell our Naturelodge Tent Lodge. These are two bedroom tents which sleep 5 people. Outside there is a garden table and chairs on a low terrace with a parasol.

Is the accommodation suitable for wheelchair access?

We are keen to ensure that our fun-filled camping holidays are available for everyone to enjoy. Our Bungalow Tents are suitable for wheelchair users, but access to and around campsites can vary.The steps on mobile homes make them unsuitable for wheelchair access.However we do have selected campsites which have disabled access mobile homes: Camping Aunis Club Vendée, Aqua Viva, Atlantic Club Montalivet, Baie de Kernic,Boissiere, Coteau de la Marine, Domaine des Chaussy, Domaine de Kermario, Domaine des Iscles, Domaine d’Eurolac, Dune Blanche, Foret, Ile du Rhin, Loyada, Mas, Palavas, Parc des Allais, Ried, Sainte Baume (Nanas-le-Pins) and Vignes. Please call us on 01 242 1901 and we can help you decide.

Can I stay in more than one type of accommodation on my holiday?

You can enjoy as many types of accommodation as you like – please call our sales team and they will be able to help you plan and price up your holiday.

Can we take our own camping equipment?

On some sites, we offer pitch rental where you can bring your own caravan, motorhome, or tent. If you have booked an accommodation with us, you would be unable to bring additional camping equipment to pitch on site.

Can I choose an emplacement?

On selected campsites, subject to availability, we can reserve your exact emplacement for an additional charge. However, please note, we do reserve the right to change your emplacement, for operational, safety or other unforeseen circumstances. We therefore advise that any such requests should not be considered a mandatory condition of your booking. In the event we need to change your specific emplacement, we will find a suitable alternative and will provide you with a refund of the amount paid to secure your emplacement.. Please note this costs £5/€5 per night capped at £45/ €45 in low season and in high season costs £10/€10 per night, capped at £70/ €70.

On campsites in which you cannot pay for your emplacement, please let us know your preferences when you book. We always do our best to meet special requests, but these are not available at all sites and cannot be guaranteed.

Please contact our Contact Centre team for further information on 01 242 1901.

Where can I find information about accommodation layouts?

On each campsite page, there is an accommodation layout image shown where available. Please note however, the layout may vary between campsites and mobile home types. Our accommodation images have been styled for photographic purposes.

Are barbecues allowed/provided?

On certain campsites, there will either be a charcoal or gas BBQ provided with your accommodation. Please note there may not be a BBQ provided on all campsites. In the case that you do not have a BBQ provided with your accommodation, you may be able to hire this directly from the campsite at an additional cost.

Site owners/ local authorities sometimes impose total barbecue bans at times of high fire risk.
For further information visit the campsite page or contact the team on 01 242 1901.

Are the electrical sockets British or European?

There can be a mix of European and British sockets so we recommend you take some plug adapters. These can be purchased at airports, ports or in some supermarkets.

Does the Classic Tent have electricity?

Yes. There is electricity for the kitchen appliances and lighting, plus an extra socket.

How big is my emplacement?

This varies from site to site. Sites near the beach or major towns/cities typically have smaller emplacements, while countryside sites typically have larger ones. Sites in Italy and Spain are generally smaller, and during high season you normally park your car on the road or in a parking area.

How many people does your accommodation sleep?

The maximum number of people who can stay in each type of accommodation are:

  • Tent - 5 people
  • Safari Tent - 6 people
  • Classic – up to 6 people
  • Cosy - up to 6 people
  • Moda - up to 8 people
  • Premium - up to 6 people
  • Privilege/Privilege Club – up to 8 people
  • Villas – up to 10 people

Please note at each campsite the maximum occupancy per unit can vary. Please visit the individual campsite page for further information on the particular mobile home you are looking to book.

What should I do when leaving my accommodation?

In some of our campsites the final cleaning at the end of your stay is not included in the booking of your accommodation. On these campsites, you will be asked to clean up before your departure.

What you are expected to do:

  • Empty the bins
  • Clean the kitchen area, wash and dry the dishes
  • Defrost the fridge (ensure thermostat is on position 0, leave door open and ensure no food is left)
  • Clean the barbecue (if present)
  • Leave rented linen inside your accommodation upon departure
  • Clean toilets and bathrooms
  • Sweep and clean the floor
  • Do a general tidy of the accommodation

A deposit per accommodation of an amount that varies according to the campsite will be requested on arrival. The deposit can be held in the event of the above not being carried out, or if there is damage to the accommodation at departure.


Are there any charges for campsite facilities?

On-site pools are free to Canvas customers (unless stated otherwise) as are many other activities. There is normally a charge for tennis, mini golf, horse riding and cycle hire. Each campsite page will show for guidance purposes only, if services provided are included or will incur an additional cost.

Are there any site-run children’s clubs?

Many of our campsites have a site-run children’s club. These clubs are usually for ages between 4-11 years and most are English-speaking. More details of activities will be available when you arrive at the site.

Is there a silence rule on site?

Some sites have silence rules from late evening until early morning. We ask all our customers to observe these rules. Enforcement varies from site to site. In high season noise can be more noticeable as sites are busier and there may be entertainment late into the evening.

Are ‘swimming trunk only’ regulations strictly adhered to?

In France, in particular, a lot of campsites enforce a ‘swimming trunks only’ rule for men. It is clearly marked on the campsite page if this is a requirement. This is due to French Health regulations. Sites that are ‘swimming trunks’ only usually sell trunks in an onsite shop.

Some sites (mostly Italian) require the use of swimming caps. Please see individual campsite information for details.

Do I have to pay a deposit on site?

Some sites charge a refundable deposit for a barrier card and/or bands to access the swimming pool. Many of our campsites will charge a cleaning deposit on arrival. These deposits vary in cost depending upon the site and accommodation you are staying in, and would be refunded to you if the accommodation is left in the same way you arrived. Please visit the individual campsite page for more information.

What safety information do I need to know?

We ask you to take all reasonable precautions to safeguard yourself and your party. Please familiarise yourself with fire precautions, cooking appliances and pool areas.

Campsite pools are not required to have lifeguards so a responsible adult must oversee children whenever they are in or near the pool.

What entertainment is available on site?

Each campsite will have a different range of entertainment activities available. Please visit the individual campsite page for further detail.

How do the campsite star ratings work?

We quote the official rating where there is one. The French star rating system reflects the standard of toilets, lighting etc but not the number or quality of bars, restaurants, and pools. Where there is no official rating we show the stars we think the site would get under the French system.

How do you classify campsite sizes?

  • Small – fewer than 250 pitches
  • Medium – up to 500 pitches
  • Large – up to 1000 pitches
  • Very large – over 1000 pitches