Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance

Updated 24 August 2021 

Book with Confidence

As of the 19th July International travel will be possible by using the EU Digital Covid Certificate. 

Further information can be found here and includes the full conditions attached.  

The EU Digital COVID Certificate (DCC) is proof (in digital or paper format) that you have either:

Been vaccinated against COVID-19 or
Received a negative COVID-19 test result or
Recovered from COVID-19 in the last 6 months

Your free Digital COVID Certificate will help you to travel safely and more easily within the EU.

It’s very important to check the entry requirements of the individual countries you are travelling to. Which you can do so by clicking here.  We also strongly recommend visiting the DFA Website for all the latest updates.

At Canvas Holidays, we do everything we can to ensure our valued customers have a safe and enjoyable holiday, even in these uncertain times. Following the many changes to travel advice in 2020, we have amended our policies accordingly to offer greater flexibility so you can book your 2021 holiday with confidence and peace of mind.  

The changes include:

balance payment extension from 12 weeks to 6 weeks
free amendments if you need to change your booking
revised cancellation terms (*not applicable on any holidays transferred from 2020)
refund guarantee if we are unable to deliver your booked holiday or you are unable to travel due to DFA  advice against travel 
local lockdown flexibility if you are unable to travel due to government restrictions where you live. 

Here to help: We understand you may have questions related to booking your 2021 holiday.  Our team are here to help and we want to make sure you make an informed decision and feel supported at this time. 

To offer clarity, we have taken the most frequently asked questions from you, our customers and provided the answers below:

Q: How do I keep up to date with the latest travel advice? 

A: Go to for more information about changes to travel advice. 

Q: When will holidays go on sale for 2022? 

A: We will go live for 2022 in September and we will release a confirmed general sale date soon.

Q: I want to book a holiday. How much do I have to pay now? 

A: Book that well deserved holiday for a low deposit of just €99!  Final balances are also now due at six weeks prior to departure. 

Q: When is my balance payment due? 

A: We have extended balance payment due dates for all 2021 holidays from 12 weeks to 6 weeks to allow you greater flexibility. Payments can be made via our Contact Centre team or via our website. 

Q: I want to change my booking. What are my options? 

A: If you need to make a change to your booking, whether it is your accommodation, your dates or duration, there is no amendment charge.  *We will allow stays to be amended up to 7 days prior to arrival.   

Important:  Any amendments made within six weeks of departure, the holiday cost applied will be at the same or where applicable, at a higher rate.  

*Within 6 weeks of arrival, travel costs can increase and in some cases due to our supplier agreements, are non-refundable.  

Q: I wish to move my booking to 2022? 

A: We understand that you may wish to move your booking to next season,  due to the ongoing uncertainty around travel.  We are currently permitting all 2021 bookings to be moved to 2022.  For further information,  please contact our Contact Centre team. 

Q: The DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) has advised against all but essential travel. What are my options? 

A: If we are unable to deliver your booked holiday or you are unable to travel due to DFA advice against travel, which is in place at least 7 days prior to departure, it is possible to:

-Change destination
-receive a 120% enhanced voucher
-obtain a full refund

Q: I no longer wish to travel. Can I cancel my reservation/stay? 

A: If the DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) advice does not change and holidays remain possible, then you can cancel your booking, but we must make you aware this is in line with our current cancellation terms and conditions.  Cancellation fees will be applied in line with these terms.  

Our 2021 Cancellation Terms are now as stated below.  Important, these cancellation terms are not applicable for any holidays transferred from 2020. In the event you have transferred your 2020 holiday to a 2021 holiday, the cancellation charges applicable remain those per the booking conditions at the time your original holiday was made.

Number of days prior to the start of your holiday when written notification is received by us

Cancellation charge / per party cancelling

More than 42 days before travel


42 – 28 days


27 – 14 days


13 – 8 days 90%


7 Days or Less


Q: If local lockdown is introduced in the area where I live what are my options? 

A: In the event you are unable to travel due to government restrictions, where you live, we will offer the option to change your holiday to a different destination or date up to your day of arrival, without an amendment fee.  
It is important to note, within 6 weeks of arrival, travel costs can increase and in some cases due to our supplier agreements, are non-refundable.  

Q: I plan on making my own travel arrangements. Will I have protection?

A: If you have made your own travel arrangements, for example, but not exclusively, flights, car hire, ferry travel with another provider directly, you must speak with them and they will advise you of their own policies/procedures. 

Q: What facilities will be open during my stay? 

A: We endeavour to provide the same fun-filled holidays as always and only in exceptional circumstances will the usual services, facilities or amenities not be available or restricted which are out of our control or go against local government public health and safety guidelines. We continue to follow the official advice to ensure our stays are as safe as possible for our customers.  As this is subject to change, guidelines may lead to some future restrictions; we will do our best wherever possible to keep you informed. 

Q: What extra precautions should I consider when booking a 2021 holiday? 

A: We highly recommend you travel with insurance cover. As all policies are different, we suggest you contact your insurance provider to clarify what cover is offered related to Coronavirus. 

Q: I am travelling soon, what advice should I consider from the country I am travelling to?

A: We advise reading the DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) travel advice for the country you are travelling to, which includes entry requirements and a link through to the National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC) TravelHealthPro website. This website provides specific travel health advice for our destination countries.